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Dear Maplers,

I’d like to relay some humble gratitude from our team to all of you. The holidays are right around the corner and it’s been an awesome journey this year for all of us. We have you to thank for it!

Holiday Bonus Giveaway

We hope you are enjoying the gift package we sent! As we reviewed the feedback from the community, we have seen that some players misunderstood what items were part of the package. It was one box that included everything mentioned underneath. Because it was a mega-sized bundle, I tried to describe it better by sectioning off what type of items were included to make it easier to parse but it seems like that added to your confusion. We will be more careful with this for any gifts in the future.

Ongoing Plans

I’d like to make it clear that the 2018 Thank-you Package isn’t intended to be part of the improvements we are planning for the game. Our main focus is still on addressing the random aspects of progression combined with the content cap by ensuring that players are always making progress when they invest time into the game over the course of the 2019 updates. As it currently stands:

  • Our team is actively in discussions with the MapleStory 2 studio and we are thoroughly reviewing all the suggestions, as well as their potential side effects.

  • More importantly, we are reviewing MapleStory 2 as a whole to make sure there’s no unturned stones we may miss if we move hastily.

  • We will be sharing more details when key changes begin to get locked down, starting in January.

  • We see that our experiment with giving Toad’s Toolkit from Hard Adventure Dungeons have been effective in aiding you. In our original plan, this was going to be a month long event but we will be extending this experiment to the end of January (Jan. 31, 2019). Please note that currently all Toad’s Toolkits are set to expire at that time as well, so don’t forget to use them before then.

Bot Investigation

This has been a popular discussion point among Maplers in the community since Official Launch, and we've mentioned in previous blogs how many bots have been banned, but we have never really discussed in detail exactly how we do this. Unfortunately, we never will. We can't disclose specific details about the methods we utilize as meso farmers can potentially use this information to their benefit and directly combat our tactics.

Keep in mind that we generally look into a lot of different aspects of the game to battle botters, including but not limited to:

  • Player reports

  • Behavioral pattern analysis

  • Log analysis

  • Market Trade Behavior

  • Chat analysis

  • GM patrolling

  • Engineers churning out new tools and patterns for improved detection

  • A dedicated team making sure no false bans occurs

For example, we just rolled out a new detection system that multiple teams have been working on that alone has successfully blocked over 9,000 meso farmer accounts in just one day. While new methods, rules and systems to combat meso farmers are created daily, we aren't rushing to push these additions live either. We focus a lot of our time on manually reviewing individual cases to ensure that each of our new rules, patterns, and systems don't cause any false bans.

There are popular suggestions from the community that we are very much aware of, such as CAPTCHA systems for regular gameplay or dungeons. Keep in mind we do weigh these suggestions based on how effective they could possibly be and how reasonable it is to actually implement such ideas. Some ideas may seem great on paper, but when it comes down to the actual design and implementation of these ideas, it's not necessarily a walk in the park. Don't let this discourage you as we're always open to suggestions, so please keep them coming!

Finally, we've been monitoring trading logs since Official Launch and while we've taken some actions to obvious meso farmer accounts, we will be ramping up to perform more bans based on suspicious trading starting in January. This does mean we are taking increased action against RMT meso buyers, so we sincerely ask that you do not buy mesos from illegal meso selling websites.

Do the right thing. Don't make Joddy cry!

Other things

  • An improved housing UI and more UGC Weapon Templates will be coming in the January update, as mentioned in a previous blog.

  • In the January update, we are also going to add one more quality of life improvement feature called the “Favorite Dungeon” system. This system will allow you to create your own list of dungeons to be displayed when you open the Challenge Map instead of “Recommended Dungeons”.

  • We just confirmed that the female hairstyle for the Soul Binder is going to be added into the game in January as well!

Happy holidays! This will be our last blog for this year. Please stay tuned for 2019 news in January, and see you in-game!

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