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2019 is here, and MapleStory 2 is hitting the ground running with the second part of our Skybound Expansion on January 10th! Enjoy the new Fortress Rumble solo challenges, band together with your fellow Maplers to take on the new Wrath of Infernog Chaos Raid and more!

Skybound Expansion - Phase 2

The Sky Fortress is aloft and the monsters of darkness are feeling the pressure, but the forces that threaten Maple World are not easily cowed. Continue the Epic Story aboard the Sky Fortress, join a set of Fortress Rumbles and take on the brand new Chaos Raid, Wrath of Infernog!

The brand-new Wrath of Infernog Chaos Raid will require a 9,000 Gear Score and the Trusted by Maple Alliance reputation to enter, so be sure to be ready for this high-flying adventure on January 10th. Check it all out on the Skybound Expansion Phase 2 site!

Legendary Accessories

Legendary gear is key to growing more and more powerful in MapleStory 2, and the next step-up is coming with Pluto's Set of Legendary Accessories! When you complete the new Wrath of Infernog Chaos Raid, you'll earn Pluto's Accessory Random Box Fragments which can be combined into a Pluto's Accessory Random Box that contains a random Pluto's Accessory.

Equipping both the Belt and Cape will boost your Base Defense and Total Damage, while equipping all three pieces of jewelry (Ring, Earrings and Pendant) will increase your Base Accuracy and Evasion, bonuses that will help you in your quest to reach S+ Rank against Infernog!

Housing UI Improvement

The Housing system in MapleStory 2 has led to some amazing creations, and we're making some improvements to the user interface to make crafting your dream home even smoother, as well as giving you two additional layout save slots!

Special Skybound Events!

We've also got a new set of events for Phase 2 of the Skybound Expansion! Defeat Infernog to earn coins that you can use for special Sky Fortress cosmetics and decorations, join a special Hide and Seek event that will send you all across Maple World looking for certain types of people and complete Daily Quests to earn Lucky Pouches filled with goodies that unlock a special ground mount and headband!

Shore Leave Packages and More

There's also going to be a bevy of new items on sale with Phase 2 of the Skybound Expansion, including a new Style Crate, new and more complex Weapon UGC Templates, and new hairstyles. There's also a set of special packages from the Sky Fortress factions, complete with a fishing pole, damage skin and musical instrument for you to show allegiance to your favorite group!

All of this and more comes to MapleStory 2 on January 10th when the second phase of the Skybound Expansion arrives, and we can't wait to see you there!

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