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MapleStory 2 is now live on Steam! Players can now purchase Steam Founder's Packs and join their friends in Maple World for the Head Start period. Everyone will be able to play together on Steam or Nexon Launcher when MapleStory 2 fully arrives on October 10th! Learn more about Steam's Head Start period in the FAQ below, but before you do that, we have a special celebration in mind for the weekend...

We're celebrating the fun with a special event for 72 hours this weekend, giving out double the Kay Coins for those that take on MC Kay's mini-games and come out on top! You can take those coins to the Kay Event Wheels in Queenstown for random prizes including single-shot weapons, cosmetic items, special consumables and more!

Event Duration:

  • PDT (UTC -7): 5:00 PM Friday, October 5th - 5:00 PM Monday, October 8th

  • EDT (UTC -4): 8:00 PM Friday, October 5th - 8:00 PM Monday, October 8th

  • BRT (UTC -3): 9:00 PM Friday, October 5th - 9:00 PM Monday, October 8th

  • CEST (UTC +2): 2:00 AM Saturday, October 6th - 2:00 AM Monday, October 8th

  • AEST/AEDT (UTC +10/+11): 10:00 AM Saturday, October 6th AEST - 11:00 AM Tuesday, October 9th AEDT

Event Duration:

  • Winners of MC Kay's mini-games will earn 2 Kay Coins instead of 1

MapleStory 2 Steam FAQ

Q: If I have a non-Steam Founder's Pack, will I be able to play on Steam during Head Start and get my rewards?

A: Due to technical limitations, non-Steam Founder's Packs only grant access to MapleStory 2's Head Start through Nexon Launcher. After the Official Launch on October 10th, you will be able to link your Steam account to a Nexon account created with an email address and play through either platform, with the rewards properly applied to your account.

Similarly, if you purchase a Steam Founder's Pack, you will only be able to play during the Head Start via Steam. Once MapleStory 2 officially launches, linking your Steam account to an email-created Nexon account will allow you to play via either launcher without issue.

Q: What about Google and Facebook-created Nexon accounts?

A: Unfortunately, again due to technical limitations, Google and Facebook-created Nexon accounts cannot be linked to Steam accounts. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Q: Is there any difference between MapleStory 2 on Steam and Nexon Launcher?

A: Aside from the impact of the Steam overlay and how you launch the game, none! Once you're in MapleStory 2, you'll be able to play with players using both Nexon Launcher and Steam and both versions will be updated in tandem and fully supported!

Q: Can I upgrade Steam Founder's Packs?

A: No, there are no upgrade options for Steam Founder's Packs, due to Steam's sales system. Please make sure you purchase only the package you're interested in.

Q: When are Steam Founder's Packs being sold?

A: Sales begin on Thursday, October 4th and will end on Wednesday, October 10th prior to MapleStory 2's official launch.

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