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[P]Feathertail Skunk
[P]Blacktail Wyvern
[P]Plump Kingsnake

Heading 1

[P]Sand Wyvern Nestling
[P]Rock Scorpion
[P]Cursed Maniacal Specter
[P]Tomb of Stars Fox
[P]Bluetail Wyvern
[P]Valley River Crab
[P]Earthrail Wyvern
[P]Pincer-Horned Ant
[P]Fluffy Brown Fox
[P]Thunderhead Crow
[P]Thorny Sandfly
[P]Stingtail Wyvern
[P]Sorrowful Warrior's Apparition
[P]Ruins Horned Lizard
[P]Skytail Wyvern
[P]Ruin King Lizard
[P]Relaxed King Lizard
[P]Redtail Wyvern
[M]Longtail Musk Larva
[M]Blood Apple Spider
[M]Banded Larva
[M]Red Ironhusk Scorpion
[M]Bighorn Sheep
[E]Mistfin Wyvern
[E]Chunk of Hatred
[E]Rumbling Ground Wyvern
[E]Lord of the Abyss
[E]Vicious Elder Wyvern
[E]Twin-Headed Wyvern
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