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[P]Fotos Orchard Termite
[P]Dirty Swamp Spirit
[P]Withered Dryad
[P]Dirty Swamp Essence
[P]Marsh Winged Lizard
[P]Enraged Swamp Essence
[P]Navarra Rebel Army Warhound
[P]Ancient Tree Forest Jaguar
[P]Great Rock Vulture
[P]Rivus Firefly
[P]Drei'Zinen Spirit Mage
[P]Drei'Zinen Skeletal Warrior
[P]Fotos Farm Larva
[P]Fotos Corpse Fly
[P]Marsh Smoke Cluster
[P]Blackpaw Fox
[P]Ocher Rock Porcupine
[P]Brush-tailed Woodrat
[P]Marsh Skeleton Archer
[P]Marsh Skeleton Wolf
[P]Fotos Beetle
[P]Marsh Skeleton
[P]Fotos Mole
[P]Tutlescale Rock Lizard
[P]Rivus Tree Gnawer
[P]Released Swamp Spirit
[P]Dragonscale Venomous Snake
[M]Tiger-striped Brown Bear
[M]Sunset Giant Deer
[M]Fanged Bugbear
[M]White Crested Reindeer
[M]Marsh Mud-Roller
[M]Fotos Hunter Bug
[M]Brown Mane Wolf
[M]Gray Mane Wolf
[M]Rivus Buffalo
[M]White Spotted Fawn
[M]Fanged Bugbear Leader
[M][E]Dawnstar White-horned Deer
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