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Update (2:00 PM PDT): An update has been deployed to resolve an issue where players are unable to login into their Google accounts on Nexon Launcher if running Windows 7. Please note that this update will help resolve the login issue for a specific group of players. We are still looking into fully resolving this issue impacting all players.

The day is finally here: MapleStory 2 is finally launched, free to play for Maplers all around the world! It's been an exciting 6 months since our announcement back in April, and we're thrilled to finally be able to share this new dimension of Maple World with everyone. We've got plenty more in store for you as the days, weeks, months and years unwind, and we hope you have a blast with our very first update and the new job, new maps, new monsters, new events and new outfits to come with the Official Launch Update!

Table of Contents

New Job: Runeblade

The Runeblades of Terrun Calibre are the perfect marriage of melee combat and mystical might. On the hunt, chasing after a traitor to the order, the Runeblade will stop at nothing to take vengeance upon the vile Holstatt and avenge his teacher's heinous murder... but it will take the combination of Pelgian bladecraft and Jibrician rune magic to stop him.

The Runeblade uses a powerful combination of heavy melee attacks and powerful elemental spells that become bolstered with the runes applied to the Runeblade's two-handed blade. Use the Flame Sigil to boost your health and make your Echoing Blade assault burn the opposition, or apply the Frost Sigil and harden your armor along with your weapons, causing the Impact attack to freeze the ground your foes fight on. With attacks and spells that devastate in both the melee and at a distance, Runeblade's an effective fighter against nearly any opposition.

Runeblade Skills

Note: Skills may be upgraded with additional Skill Points, increasing their power. Stats in the list below are for their Lv. 1 versions.

  • Flurry

    • Requirements: N/A

    • Active / Requires Two-handed Blade

    • Attack with 3 slashes of your blade, each dealing 46% damage to 5 enemies up to 3m in front of you. This skill attunes with your Flame, Frost and Storm Sigil skills.

  • Rune Balance

    • Requirements: N/A

    • Passive

    • Your training allows you to absorb 1 spirit every 0.1s, and increases your intelligence by 70% of your strength.

  • Blink

    • Requirements: N/A

    • Active

    • Teleport forward to the nearest enemy within 6m. If there are no enemies in range, teleport 3m instead. This skill can cancel out other skills. You are immune to knockback while casting this skill.

  • Echoing Blade

    • Requirements: N/A

    • Active / Requires Two-handed Blade

    • Summon arcane echoes of your blade, dealing 63% damage 7 times to 8 enemies up to 3m in front of you. The echoes fade when you perform another action. This skill attunes with your Flame, Frost and Storm Sigil skills. Consumes 30 Spirit.

  • Impact

    • Requirements: Lv. 19+, Lv. 4+ Flurry, Lv. 3+ Echoing Blade

    • Active / Requires Two-handed Blade

    • Drive your blade into the ground, creating a shock wave that deals 303% damage to 5 enemies within 2.25m. This skill attunes with your Flame, Frost and Storm Sigil skills. You are immune to knockback while casting this skill. Consumes 45 Spirit.

  • Whirling Blades

    • Requirements: Lv. 13+, Lv. 2+ Flurry

    • Active / Requires Two-handed Blade

    • Throw 3 arcane blades at the closest enemy up to 7.5m in front of you, dealing 49% damage. This skill attunes with your Flame, Frost and Storm Sigil skills. Consumes 40 Spirit.

  • Flame Sigil

    • Requirements: Lv. 10+

    • Active / Requires Two-handed Blade

    • Apply a fire rune to your blade that lasts 240s, increasing fire damage by 2%. While active, certain skills become fire skills.

  • Gravity Rune

    • Requirements: Lv. 16+

    • Active

    • Summon a rune 3m in front fo you. The rune pulls enemies into it, dealing 114% damage to 8 enemies within 3.75m.

  • Illusory Blades

    • Requirements: Lv. 25+, Lv. 4+ Flurry, Lv. 3+ Whirling Blades

    • Active

    • Conjour 5 arcane blades. Once per second, 1 blade flies at the closest enemy within 7.5m, dealing 113% damage. Consumes 15 Spirit.

  • Frost Sigil

    • Requirements: Lv. 22+

    • Active / Requires Two-handed Blade

    • Apply an ice rune to your blade that lasts 240s, increasing ice damage by 2%. While active, certain skills become ice skills.

  • Warding Rune

    • Requirements: Lv. 28+

    • Active

    • Summon a shield that lasts 9s, increasing physical and magic resistance by 10. This skill attunes with your Flame, Frost and Storm Sigil skills.

  • Rune Focus

    • Requirements: Lv. 31+, Lv. 3+ Impact

    • Passive

    • The teaching of the Jibricia Sect unlock the power of your rune magic. While Flame Sigil is active, your max health increases by 1% and fire damage increases by 1%. While Frost Sigil is active, your defense increases by 1% and ice damage increases by 1%. While Storm Sigil is active, your evasion increases by 1%, your movement speed increases by 1% and your electric damage increases by 1%.

  • Blade Mastery

    • Requirements: Lv. 37+, Lv. 5+ Flurry, Lv. 3+ Illusory Blades

    • Passive

    • The teaching of the Pelgia Sect have sharpened your swordsmanship. Increases weapon attack by 1% when you have a blade equipped.

  • Storm Sigil

    • Requirements: Lv. 34+

    • Active / Requires Two-handed Blade

    • Apply a lightning rune to your blade that lasts 240s, increasing electric damage by 2%. While active, certain skills become electric skills.

  • Blade Chasm

    • Requirements: Lv. 43+, Lv. 4+ Rune Focus

    • Active / Requires Two-handed Blade

    • Charge forward 7.5m, splitting the ground with your blade to deal 53% damage to 5 enemies in your path. The split explodes, dealing 106% damage to 8 enemies in range. This skill attunes with your Flame, Frost and Storm Sigil skills. Consumes 40 Spirit.

  • Honing Runes

    • Requirements: Lv. 46+

    • Active

    • Place 9 runes of honing in a square around you. Allies who touch the runes gain 2% critical damage for 180s. Passively increases your critical damage by 1%.

  • Elemental Potency

    • Requirements: Lv. 40+, Lv. 4+ Warding Rune

    • Active

    • Amplify your rune power with this secret technique handed down by Master Ishura. Increases fire, ice and electric damage to enemies by 2% for 10s.

Karkar Island

Travel to Karkar Island, a gorgeous resort island where absolutely nothing could possibly be wrong! That is, aside from the swarms of insects, undead monstrosities, vile devils and... belligerent gaming consoles?

Party up with your friends and delve into six new Normal Adventure Dungeons, and when you think you're ready, grab 3 well-armed buddies and venture into the new Labyrinthine Halls Hard Adventure Dungeon. There's plenty you'll have to contend with as you reach for the new level cap of 60! Get more Ability and Skill Points, upgrade your gear and show the forces of darkness that the cute is not to be underestimated!

The Style Crate has made its grand reveal, containing a vast selection of cosmetic items, ranging from clothing to wings to jewelry and even weapon skins. Not only does each item within the Style Crate have the exact same chance of being rewarded, but you can dismantle the unwanted outfits into Style Coins, which can be used to purchase exclusive outfits and badges!

Mapleopoly and Maple Spin!

MapleStory 2 has officially launched, and up to the plate is a huge array of events taking place all month long. Get special items from Mapleopoly and Maple Spin, day-long bonuses rotating each day, special rewards every day and much more!

Check it all out in the Mapleopoly Event and More post!

Patch Notes

There's much more than a new job, over 20 new maps, special sales and killer events. Check out the full list of changes that have come with MapleStory 2's Official Launch!

  • General Updates

    • Level Cap increased from 50 to 60.

    • Players who destroyed or stored their basic class weapons in Royale Park of Mushking Royale will now get a new set of weapons for tutorial.

    • You will no longer receive a message to hide window when a furnishing is purchased with 0 mesos. You will still receive the message when furnishings are purchased with either Red or Blue Merets.

  • Normal and Hard Dungeons Added

    • New Lv. 50 Exceptional and Epic gears added to the new dungeons listed below:

      • Normal Dungeons

        • Coldwind Cave (Lv. 50) located in Tiares Desert

        • Waterbug Park (Lv. 50) located in Aquatopia

        • Blaknov No. 1 (Lv. 50) and Blaknov No. 2 (Lv. 50) located in Ludari Station

        • Frozen Temple (Lv. 50) located in Moonlight Garden

        • Illusory Pyramid (Lv. 50) located in Redsand Hills

        • Casa de Luna (Lv. 50) located in Sandstar Ruins

        • Sanctum of the Sage (Lv. 50) located in Cave of Eternity

      • Hard Dungeon

        • Labyrinthine Halls (Lv. 50) located in Nazkar Central Chamber

        • Lubelisk (Lv. 50) located in Nazkar Main Hall

        • Rune Temple (Lv. 50) located in Godspring

        • BeyondLink Tris (Lv. 50) located in Phantom Cyborg Center

    • Maple/Shadow World Lv. 50 - 60 fields opened

      • Pocket Dimensions drop randomly from Elite Monsters in Shadow World areas

      • Completing Pocket Dimension Objectives reward players with a new currency named Treva

      • Treva currency can be used to buy goods from a merchant found in Queenstown (NPCs Borka, Hibeck, Matz) or Obsidian Mount (NPCs T-Rade, Schulz, and Pepper)

  • New Class Update

    • Runeblade Class added.

    • This hero pairs elemental rune magic with blade techniques to decimate foes

    • Uses a special 2-handed bladed weapon that uses up both weapon slots

  • New Regions

    • Karkar Island Region added

      • Can be traveled to by riding airship at Barbosa Beach in Victoria Island

        • Speak to Doc Maccan NPC

      • 2 main cities in Karkar Island

        • Ludari City

        • Minar

      • If you head below the Redsand Hills, then you will come to the entrance of a huge pyramid named Nazkar. You can enter the pyramid by entering from the top entrance of the pyramid. Nazkar is split into Nazkar Passageway and Nazkar Central Chamber where the final boss "Kabo" is.

      • 3 new bosses added 

        • Amadon, Acreon, and Ureus

          • Amadon (Lv. 50) located in Ludari Arena

          • Acreon (Lv. 50) located in Lavender Island

          • Ureus (Lv. 50) located in Nazkar Pyramid

Misc Changes

  • Daily limit for gaining experience by placing furnishings has been reduced from 1000 to 100 times

    • Mail limit system added to reduce spams

      • In order to use mail, at least one of the character in your account needs to be level 50

      • Daily limit for sending mails has been set to 5 times

    • Chat limit system added to reduce spams

      • In order to use channel/world/super chat, at least one of the character in your account needs to be level 50.

      • Daily limit for using channel chat has been set to 20 times.

      • Daily limit for using world chat has been set to 20 times.

      • Daily limit for using super chat has been set to 20 times.

      • Daily limit of combined channel/world/super chat has been set to 40 times.

    • The "Server" button in the character selection screen has been removed due to a technical error when switching servers.  In order to switch servers, you will now need to restart your client in order to view the Regions.

Event Updates

  • Play Mapleopoly! (Oct. 10 - Nov. 8)

  • Maple Spin Event (Oct. 10 - Nov. 8)

  • Maple Fanatic Event (Oct. 10 - Nov. 8)

  • Fishing Maple Coins (Oct.16 - Nov.7

  • Star Pop Party (Oct. 10 - Nov. 8)

  • Fortune Cookie Fun (Oct. 12 - Nov. 4)

  • Daily Rewards Event (Oct. 10 - Nov. 8)

  • Rotating Bonus Event (Oct. 10 - Nov. 8)

Sales Updates

  • Following items have been added to Premium / Red Meret Shop

  • Outfit

    • Skull Eye Patch

    • Skull Mask

    • MS-002 Headphones

    • Little Devil Horns

    • Buckled Mustang Jacket (F)

    • Buckled Mustang Jacket (M)

    • Goose Padded Jumper (F)

    • Goose Padded Jumper (M)

    • Raccoon Safari Jumper (F)

    • Raccoon Safari Jumper (M)

    • Classic Duffel Coat (F)

    • Classic Duffel Coat (M)

    • White Short Sleeve Shirt and Tie (F)

    • White Short Sleeve Shirt and Tie (M)

    • Formal Top (F)

    • Formal Top (M)

    • Short Black Pants (F)

    • Short Black Pants (M)

    • Pale Denim Skinny Pants (F)

    • Pale Denim Skinny Pants (M)

    • Formal Skirt (F)

    • Formal Pants (M)

    • Fishnet Socks & Hiking Boots (F)

    • Fishnet Socks & Hiking Boots (M)

    • Red-lined Socks & Sneakers (F)

    • Red-lined Socks & Sneakers (M)

    • Baby Chick Bag

  • Weapon Skins

    • Slithering Snake Sword (Blade)

    • Lollipop (Blade)

    • Blue Shark (Cannon)

    • Speedy Pig (Cannon)

    • Fairy Leaf (Staff)

    • Lollipop (Staff)

    • Seahorse Bow

    • Octopus Bow

    • Armored Shark (Greatsword)

    • Lollipop (Greatsword)

    • Clam Shell (Shield)

    • Apple Pie (Shield)

    • Hot Fish Cake (Codex)

    • Pineapple (Codex)

    • Spiky Turban Shell (Thrown Weapon)

    • Stuffed Crust Pizza (Thrown Weapon)

    • Slime Cooler (Scepter)

    • Ice Pop (Scepter)

    • Merry Marlin (Longsword)

    • Frying Pan (Longsword)

    • Slime Cooler (Dagger)

    • Ice Pop (Dagger)

  • Style Crate Items added on Meret Market

    • 3 Style Crate Weapon Boxes in the Style Crate

    • Holy Seraphim Weapon Box

    • Twinkle Star Weapon Box

    • Duckling Weapon Box

      • Opening a weapon box will provide a weapon for the character's job

      • Knights will receive a longsword and shield

      • Priest will receive a scepter and codex

      • Thief will receive 2 daggers

      • Assassin will receive 2 thrown weapons

    • Dismantling and Style Crate Coin Shop introduced

      • Style Coin Shop can be accessed from the bottom right corner of the scree

      • Players can dismantle outfits/skins obtained from Style Crate to receive Style Coins

      • Amount of Style Coins you receive can differ between the outfit/skin in range of 1 to 3 Style Coins.

      • Various cosmetic items ranging from Epic outfits to Buddy Emotes can be purchased using Style Coins

      • 2 Style Coins are given for dismantling weapon skins per job.

        • Two-handed weapon skins give 2 Style Coins when dismantled

        • One-handed weapon skins and shield skins give 1 Style Coin when dismantled (basically, weapon skins you get two of give 1 Style Coin)

      • Exceptional rank outfit items give 3 Style Coins when dismantled

      • Normal rank outfit items give 1 Style Coin when dismantled

  • Glamour Anvil from Style Coin Shop

    • An item that can forge an outfit of equipment, without destroying it

    • The gear will become an outfit that players can be used like any other equipment item to mask over their current equipment while retaining the stats of the equipped items

Bug Fixes

  • The Hairstyle Vol. 1 from the Trend-setter Trophy will now be counted towards your completion criteria.

  • Debug text found in the Fish Album will now properly display the Fish names

  • The Shadow Supply Merchant will now appear into Queenstown.

  • Armor Pieces from the Exquisite Armor Box is no longer tradable.

  • Weapon Pieces from the Exquisite Weapon Box is no longer tradable.

  • Channels improperly labeled as EAST/WEST Ch. 21 and EAST/WEST Ch. 22 on the North America servers will now properly display as Ch. 21 and Ch. 22.

  • Channels in the Europe region will now properly be listed in order.

  • The Daily Mission that requires players to spend 1,000 Mesos on furnishings has now been removed.

  • The following furnishing has now been added to allow completions of their Trophy achievements:

    • Wooden Front Door

    • Blue Brick Front Door

    • Double Glass Doors

    • A new Wooden Seesaw

    • Wood Tub

  • For the epic quest, The War Chief's Mission (Lv. 35), players can now teleport back into the dungeon through their quest journal if they disconnected. 

  • An issue has been resolved where players will no longer continue to run when switching control layouts.

  • Some of the Guild Windows are being renamed to minimize confusion.  These include:

    • The "Guild Storage" tab is now called the "Gift Bank".

    • The "Donation Log" is now called the "Gift Log".

Known Issues

  • In the News bulletin board, attempting to open an external browser window with Chrome will cause the in-game browser to become unresponsive.

  • The Knight's Iron Shield animation effects will continue to persist after activating the skill.

  • If a player disconnects while using a Gender Change Voucher, the hair and face can no longer be changed.

  • There are still trophies that cannot be completed due to missing furnishings available. 

  • Some Audio and Streaming software can cause the game to be stuck on the Nexon Logo Screen.  They must be deactivated before launching the game.

  • The Maple Guide quest, "Homespun Fashion", cannot be completed without purchasing a template with Merets because some of the templates are missing.

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