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Dear Maplers,

After today's livestream, we got some feedback regarding the Style Crate and, more specifically, the Style Coin Shop.

The primary feedback we received was that the price of the outfits and other cosmetic items in the Coin Shop are too expensive. We take everyone's feedback seriously and, although we took very long time to come to the shop's current model, we decided to give the Style Coin Shop a fresh look, based on the recent feedback.

Putting aside the topic of profitability, I would like to emphasize, the current monetization model we are pursuing is the result of a lot of hard work from the team here at Nexon America. We have removed most of the best sellers in other services, and we decided to be very transparent with rates and avoid playing games with tiny odds for the best items. While, we agree current price can be viewed as too expensive, I would like to provide compliment towards the team who worked on the monetization model, for removing all items with potential pay to win issues and creating a guaranteed pool of items in the Style Crate, as well as restructuring and lowering the fee for the Design Shop, compared to other regions.

But, again, we truly value your feedback, and while we know it's very difficult to make changes that will satisfy everyone, we would like to try our best. As such, we had meeting with the development studio and came to the agreement: We are lowering the price for the Style coin shop items.

I am very happy to share that, we are going to lower the price of all the items in the coin shop by 30%.

Based on the new price, the most exclusive item we have in the coin shop "Pumpkin Witch Package" which has five different outfit pieces, and with a full set providing special effects will be now priced at 76 coins. Because each item gives out 1 to 3 coins when you dismantle, and based on the rate we expect average of 1.65 coins per one Style Crate, meaning the most expensive package in coin shop will require approximately $125 USD. (Again, because of random %, this value can fluctuate)

We felt that it was important that these valuable packages items should be directly available, rather than relying on other methods to increase its rarity. As always, we look forward to hearing to your feedback on this and other aspects of our Meret Shop decisions.

A more detailed list of items in the coin shop with its price will be announced tomorrow. Again, every items will have 30% lower price points when we launch tomorrow.

We will always work hard to make right decision for the community, and we hope this change is reasonable for our community.

Best, Jungsoo Lee

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