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Dear Maplers,

Please come and visit my house to pet my Pumky, as I was busy working on the game and couldn’t pet my Pumky!!

I hope everyone is having fun with the Halloween and Launch Celebration events! After launching the game, we have been digesting an enormous amount of work, and I think the team here deserves some cheer from the players! With this week’s blog, I would like to share what the team here has been able to achieve working with the MapleStory 2 studio for the past week.

Today’s blog will cover 10053 disconnection issues, the launch celebration event we have prepared, and Fairfight!


As you are all aware, we do have this mechanic in place for your Adventure Dungeon runs. We have gathered feedback from our community and while we know this was a controversial topic, we were happy to learn that a lot of the community agrees that the Fairfight system has more positives than negatives. We do believe this is one of the essential systems we’d like to keep in the long run to make the experience more balanced between players up to Adventure Dungeons while building other parts of experiences more directly scaled based on your stats (i.e. Chaos Raids). For this time around, we are focusing on delivering the right balanced experience as intended with some scaling measure for your stat growth so that you can feel your progression appropriately.  After a thorough review, we narrowed down the issue with the system scaling down the damage too much for players who are level 50+. We agreed on the concern and we are making changes to the system as below:

Confirmed Change for Early November Update

When you are playing level 50 dungeons with level 50+ characters, we are lowering the impact of scaling to your damage in general. It’s highly likely you will be seeing 5-10% higher damage after we make this adjustment.

We are making this change to ensure, as players progress on their level and gear score, they can continue to give higher damage to the monster. This will only apply to the level 50 dungeons, and the change will be applied in early November.

Change in Works, Timing TBD

We are also making another change toward the impact of the Fairfight mechanic on passive skills and buffs. Currently, jobs with a high dependency on passive skills and buff skills are seeing a larger impact from the Fairfight mechanic, especially the Thief and Priest jobs. We are currently working on lowering the Fairfight system’s impact on passive and buff skills.

We don’t have an ETA yet, but the team is working hard to make this happen within November. Hopefully, we can share the news sooner on when this change will be applied.

10053 Disconnection

We don’t currently have the date for the fix, but the good news is that the MapleStory 2 studio has found a potential solution and began working on the implementation. The system MapleStory 2 studio is developing is whenever a disconnection occurs between the game client and the server, the game client will automatically reconnect to the server immediately so that players don’t notice any disconnection.

The current version of fix is in the very rough state, and the development studio will need to complete the implementation and go through thorough QA testing before we deploy the fix. Current ETA is early November but this may change based on the QA testing results.

Another Celebration Event

Not only have we surpassed 1 million accounts, but we also surpassed 2 million characters! Our CCU on Steam continues to be within the top 10, and as high as within the top 5. To show our appreciation towards our players, we have prepared another round of events.

We have designed this event so that everyone can benefit from the event and we can support players in Normal Adventure Dungeons in progressing faster towards Hard Adventure Dungeons. Please see the details below:

Normal Adventure Dungeon Double Loot

We are extending the event for one more week! Please take advantage of this event to increase your gear score for Hard Adventure Dungeons.

Free +8 Enchant Scroll (only works for Exceptional -light blue- items)

Please use the free scroll to enchant your gears to increase your gear score faster! This scroll will be given out on Saturday and Sunday (UTC). You will be getting one Exceptional Lv 50 +8 Weapon Scroll and one Exceptional Lv 50 +8 Armor Scroll once you log in during the event period to boost your gear’s Enchant from any level to +8! You only get one of each scroll per account and can transfer them between characters using the in-game bank.

Please make sure to log in with the main character you want to have the scroll because the Exceptional +8 Weapon Scroll will be given out based on your character’s class. We won’t be able to exchange the scroll type afterward! Please note all scrolls will expire at midnight on November 8 (UTC).

Free 200 Red Merets Each Day

Please log in to the game on Saturday and Sunday, and you will receive a bag containing 200 Red Merets each day. Unlike last week’s event, you can get this gift regardless of your level, and you will be able to open the bag to get the Red Merets at level 40. You can collect a total of 400 Red Merets per account.

Upcoming Update

We are currently targeting November 8th (PST) for our next content update. This will include three Chaos Raids, and a set of items for Chaos Raids, as well as something to celebrate Thanksgiving. We know that Thanksgiving in late November is mainly here in the States, but

we are a global game and will be celebrating important holidays in different countries all year long!

We are not ready to share details of the actual contents yet, and the update time may change depending on the QA testing results, but we can assure you the content will be very enjoyable for all levels.

Also, we are preparing quality of life updates, including adding a function to reduce the size of your house. Please stay tuned for more updates coming next week.

Other Issues

Again, we would like to remind everyone that we are monitoring all of the channels including the Steam community and Reddit, and proactively creating a list of backlog items we should review. Here are a few things I would like to highlight:

Dungeon Limit: We heard everyone’s thoughts and feedback. But for the November update, we will be deploying the “BETA” version of the reset function as we discussed in the previous Producer Blog. Making changes to dungeons comes with lots of work so for this round, we are going to deploy the current version and review the trend in order to make future decisions. Thank you for all your great feedback!

Game Launch Error: With the Halloween update, lots of issues have been fixed, but we are still seeing the “Game Launch” issue with certain types of audio and graphics cards. We are also seeing more issues with laptops. We don’t have a clear solution for this yet but wanted to let you know that we are looking into the issue and looking for a solution.

Design Shop and UGC: We have seen an increase in the number of discussions happening around UGC in general. We want to let you know three things:

  1. UGC submissions have been removed for a number of reasons, including copyrighted phrases, images of real people used without their expressed consent, and other cases that are entirely to do with the nature of copyrights and trademarks. We understand that the nuances of what is allowed can be confusing, and strongly urge that everyone creating designs and outfits familiarize themselves with our UGC policies to make sure their work follows the prescribed rules.

  2. We have agents working to catch up on all the reports. Currently, we are seeing many reports about UGC items coming in, but we will eventually get to all of the reports. Please remember we are going to take the same measures towards the items that have similar issues. It’s just a matter of timing. If you see any items with issues, please make sure to report them so that we can take action towards those items faster.

  3. We are going to review changes to the UGC system to ensure we are only getting quality content in the Design Shop. We don’t have any details yet, but once we know what we want to do, we will share the information with you.

Meso Sellers and Bots: The team here is doing great work. As you have seen, some of the ad spams have become literally impossible to read. We know they are being creative and using group chats, but we are catching them much faster and blocking them at a very fast pace. We have blocked 15K+ accounts in seven days including bots and ad spammers.

As always, thank you for being an awesome community, and for making the game so successful. We will continue to work on the game with the community and our developers, to find what's best for MapleStory 2 long-term.

Best, Jungsoo Lee

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