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Dear Maplers,

As promised in an earlier blog, I'm here to report to you what we were able to discuss, decide and implement for dungeon limits.

What are Dungeon Limits?

For those who are not familiar with dungeon limits, pressing ";" in-game pops up the Dungeon UI. From the left side, you can see how many dungeons you've completed so far, and how many more you can complete. Here are some simple rules of how it works currently.

  • Only completed dungeons count towards the limit: If you've lost the battle in a dungeon, don't worry. Your dungeon limit count will only go down if you've won the battle and received the loot roll for dungeon completion. This means you can make as many attempts you'd like until you get the team and timing just right to clear it.

  • 10 dungeons per day: You can get full dungeon rewards up to 10 times a day. There's no stopping you from doing more dungeons beyond this to help out a friend or just for practice but you won't be receiving loot rolls. You do get dungeon clearing EXP though.

  • 30 dungeons per week: On top of 10 a day, you can get full dungeon rewards up to 30 times a week. This means if you achieved 10 dungeon clears per day for 3 days, you've now maxed out getting the reward pools for that week.

  • Daily limit resets every day at midnight UTC.

  • Weekly limit resets every Friday at midnight UTC.

  • You receive reward boxes with the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th dungeons you complete to aid your journey.

  • This 30 dungeon limit only applies to Normal and Hard Adventure Dungeons. Other type of dungeons such as Dark Descent, Treasure, Special dungeons and (coming soon) Chaos Raids have independent dungeon limit counts.

  • Daily limit resets once when your character reaches level 50. This is because a lot more of the game opens up for you at level 50 and we don't want you to miss out. Your reward boxes get upgraded appropriate to your progression at this point as well.

The current design is because we wanted our Adventure Dungeon system to not force an endless grind with low RNG to get the gear you want, reduce polarization between hardcore and casual players and promote party play between all types of players. We believe this system allows you to get gear/resources needed within a reasonable amount of time. But it hasn't been without issues.

What is Changing?

We're hearing that many of our players feel 30 dungeons a week is just too low and that we're hindering the experience for the players who'd like to play more. Normal and Hard Adventure Dungeons are meant to be a stepping stone to aid you in getting the resources necessary to upgrade your end-game gear. But because there's not a major source of gear beyond Hard Adventure Dungeons, Adventure Dungeon runs are where character advancement ends in today's game. Here's what we are going to do to resolve this.

  • Chaos Raids (10 player, time-limited raid): This will be added in November, as previously mentioned in our roadmap. Chaos Raids are end-game content where your skills, teamplay, and gear all matter. With the addition of Chaos Raids, we expect our awesome hardcore players to prove just how strong they are. This challenge will surely be something we think many players will enjoy in addition to Adventure Dungeon runs, and with the greater challenge comes greater rewards.

  • Dungeon Limit Reset: We will be offering a one-time reset of the dungeon limit per week per account as a beta feature with the November update as well. In detail, this is how it will work:

(Not final art)

  • When you complete 30 Adventure Dungeons in a week, you will have the option to reset your counter once per account on a character of your choice per week.

  • Once reset, your character will now be able to obtain full dungeon rewards again, up to 10 per day and 30 in total before the scheduled reset time of Friday at midnight UTC.

  • We're still in discussion for the exact rewards you can get on additional dungeon runs to double-check all the technical requirements.

This essentially gives you a total of 60 dungeons per week on a character of your choice. We expect you'd use this on your main character but you can choose to do so on any character in your account and keep playing! And for the rewards, our goal is to provide rewards as close to the first 30 dungeon runs as possible, but may make some adjustments to prevent abuse and imbalancing the in-game economy.

Please note that we are adding this dungeon limit reset feature as a beta system because we came up with this solution in a short time. We expect to be ironing out the kinks and evaluating the necessity of such a system down the line as more content arrives in the game. We'll keep listening to the feedback of the players and adjust accordingly.

Lastly, one quick additional note on another topic I'm discussing with our development studio right now: the Fairfight mechanic. We are still actively discussing this based on your feedback and we'll share updates the moment we lock in on any new direction. I really appreciate so many players giving us suggestions because feedback rooted in passion like this is what guides us to make a better game.

Thanks for playing MapleStory 2!

Yours truly, - MapleStory 2 Producer, LAMBCOOK

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