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Head Start is almost here, and when the Official Launch arrives we'll be releasing more than just the MapleStory 2 you've seen in Closed Beta 2. Register today for the Official Launch Registration Event to get ready for the first of many updates and claim a bevy of prizes!

Registering at the Official Launch Registration Event page will reward you with three special cosmetic items when Runeblade and Karkar Island arrive: the Rustic Mushcabin Name Tag badge, Ducky Rickshaw mount and Roosting Seagull hat!

When MapleStory 2 officially launches on October 10th, you'll be able to travel to the new Karkar Island, a gorgeous desert island with a bustling resort town and seven new dungeons to complete. Try out the brand-new Runeblade class, a magical swordsman that infuses their swords with the elements for ultimate power, and reach new heights of power as the level cap is raised to 60!

Head to the event page today and register before 10:00 AM PDT on October 8th, and see you on October 10th when MapleStory 2 opens, free for all!

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